Friday, April 3, 2009

Feature Friday!

I would like to introduce....

I so love finding fellow etsians that are from the Northwest. Colleen's designs are one of a kind, and definitely worth checking out! Here is a little bit about her in her own words.

"I was the child of two gypsy type hippies who were both very creative, so I got my start being a compulsive crafter very early on. I spent the majority of my childhood outside, roaming the nearby woods and working on our farm, so my inspiration comes from the out of doors. I am always suprised by the striking colors and patterns that are hidden in the simplest looking bird or flower. The Northern Flicker is one of my favorite birds because, from a distance, it looks like an unremarkable buff-colored bird. Up close, one discovers that it is covered in polka dots, has a red moustache, a black crescent moon on it's chest, and BRIGHT salmon colored feather shafts on it's tail and wing. And did you know that a poppy seed is neither round nor smooth? It is shaped like a kidney bean and is covered with the most beautiful, intricate hexagon pattern! These secret discoveries make my heart beat fast and make me want to create.

I have a degree in Marine Biology and then went on to the University of Washington to study scientific illustration. I worked in both fields for some years before having my daughter Bronwyn. I then decided to stay home with Bronwyn, and began sewing clothes for her and accessories for myself as a way to have a practical creative outlet. I am a self-taught seamstress, and I draft my own patterns because I find it difficult to read other people's patterns. In addition to sewing, I enjoy spinning natural fibers, knitting, embroidery, gardening, bird watching, drawing, hiking and spending time with my beloved family and friends."

Colleen's products can be found in shops from Washington to New Zealand, incase you aren't near one, check her out on Etsy.
Stop by her blog to see what she has been up to, and whats to come in her shop.
Thanks for stopping by!

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